Install .exe Application On Ubuntu

Good evening, for the ubuntu users who are experiencing difficulties in the use of applications on ubuntu, and maybe you need the applications in windows operating system, but the file you want to intall an application. exe, of course, the extension application can only be used in windows, but you are an ubuntu user, so you need an application that can be used ubuntu as a windows emulator to run the application, you need Wine emulator application for ubuntu that is useful for running applications. exe.

2D Games Unity : "Life"

Hello guys, i make some games 2D use Unity, the game name is "Life" , okay i will tell some synopsis Life games. Life is simple game that created by me and i just try to pour my imagination into a game, the game is inspired because of my own life problems, life is always changing, always a lot of challenges, but that's where happiness arises, okay

Physion 2D Physics Simulation

Physion is an open source application that can be used for educational purposes in physics which presents an animated display that is very varied, even you yourself can change, create or add their own animations you want to create by imagination, physion not only used for linux, but also for windows , so you all can try to run this application. The program is indeed present 2D images of an object that is very familiar to physics for example, we can create polygons, circles, triangles and others to experiment, you can also create a scenario for the mechanism.

How To Import Blender 3D File To Unity 3D?

Blender 3D and Unity 3D is a combination that is very precise, we can use a blender for modeling for games and unity we use to build a game, but how to incorporate models from blender to unity 3D?
Unity 3D does not support the file .blend of blender but unity can read the file. FBX, we can export the model that we have made in the blender into a file. FBX.

Are You Web Designer? Let's Try Brackets

It is an application that you can use to help simplify your job for you that works as a web designer or front end developer . Brackets is an application started by Adobe and the application is free . Application code editor is more focused on html , css and javascript This application can use on linux, mac os X, and windows.
Let us see what are the features that are in the brackets :

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr

Okay, this month is date thats new ubuntu LTS Release, and now, the ubuntu 14.04 is relese with name Trusty Tahr, lest see the Features contained in ubuntu Tahr:
- This Ubuntu Use kernel  3.13, This kernel makes new ubuntu has many features and improvements in it.
-python used in the ubuntu Trusty Tahr using version 3.4, but ubuntu still provide python 2 to be installed. Because the applications in python 2 not everything can be changed using python 3.

Make Games Animation List On Blender 3D

I use blender 3D to make some modelling character, you can make some character with animation , example box character, and you will add the run , walk, etc animation to use on your game, you can make it , okay lest try:
please open the blender 3D, and use example character, yes i just use box , and you can change to animation layout . On this layout , to make animation, i try to make the cube with some animation, i imagine the cube run .

AVD Not Found On DDMS?

To see the system is running in Android Virtual Device ( AVD ) we can see it through DDMS , and we  Eclipse need to see because DMMs are in eclipse , the DDMS we can save and add a file into the avd , but remember , for the system to read in it , we have to run the AVD first, but sometimes there is a problem that is currently avd is already running , in the DDMS file explorer on the menu is not found avd device is running , but avd that there was active . what's the solution ?