SF2 Plugin VS VST Plugin

This time I will continue the article about LMMS , In this software we can edit or create your own music , LMMS tutorial does not so much as other music software , but also a powerful LMMS . Immediately , I had an appointment yesterday to discuss about SF2 and VST plugins , both plugins are very powerful indeed , but there are differences among them, using SF2 the you can create midi based music , different again with VST here I will try to compare the quality of their sound based on what I've ever tried .

Use SF2 Plugin On LMMS

Music is one important factor that is in a games , no music or background music , no matter how good the game will be noticeably less . actually in LMMS or Linux Multimedia Studio , we can also make our own music to the game , how? in fact , we could use all the assets that have been supplied by or asset LMMS
software default of this , but I prefer to use additional assets like  SF2 player , how your way of entering SF2 player into LMMS , here's how : 


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