Install .exe Application On Ubuntu

Good evening, for the ubuntu users who are experiencing difficulties in the use of applications on ubuntu, and maybe you need the applications in windows operating system, but the file you want to intall an application. exe, of course, the extension application can only be used in windows, but you are an ubuntu user, so you need an application that can be used ubuntu as a windows emulator to run the application, you need Wine emulator application for ubuntu that is useful for running applications. exe.

2D Games Unity : "Life"

Hello guys, i make some games 2D use Unity, the game name is "Life" , okay i will tell some synopsis Life games. Life is simple game that created by me and i just try to pour my imagination into a game, the game is inspired because of my own life problems, life is always changing, always a lot of challenges, but that's where happiness arises, okay

Physion 2D Physics Simulation

Physion is an open source application that can be used for educational purposes in physics which presents an animated display that is very varied, even you yourself can change, create or add their own animations you want to create by imagination, physion not only used for linux, but also for windows , so you all can try to run this application. The program is indeed present 2D images of an object that is very familiar to physics for example, we can create polygons, circles, triangles and others to experiment, you can also create a scenario for the mechanism.