SliTaz an Easy GNU/LINUX

Perhaps most people are familiar with the operating system such as windows, vista, mac and linux any ubuntu or linux mint, but you know, if there is any linux distro that is light and just need a little more storage capacity than any other operating system, its name is Slitaz, when I was opening the official website of Slitaz, they've developed the operating system is up to Slitaz 4.0. And the size of the live CD is also still small as its previous version, which is only about 30 MB, and if installed capacity is only consuming about 48 MB and supports LXDE and OpenBox.
To install an application can through the package manager GUI mode, but it could also CLI mode, almost similar to ubuntu, if ubuntu uses dpkg, in Slitaz uses tazpkg. I've used this distro, but the previous version, and in my opinion, these distributions are simple but pretty good, once I install this distro on a computer pentium 3, and can run Slitaz stable and lightweight. If we want to install another application from debian file or dpkg, we have to convert the dpkg file into tazpkg for readability by Slitaz. Perhaps such distributions are suitable for low-spec computer, or seemed appropriate to use for a netbook operating system. For more complete explanation please visit the official website at course, where you can read more detailed information from the distro Slitaz.

Hopefully helpful, greeting opensource .......

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